We believe in delivering an extraordinary experience and finding your dream home.


Christo Swanepoel

Partner & Broker

Running IPG-Belize combines three of my biggest passions. People, real estate and travel. First and foremost, real estate is a people business, and it gives me great pleasure to match clients to their perfect properties and make the process as simple as possible for them.  

I have always had a love of the real estate industry. From the start of my career in the UK 18 years ago, experiencing different aspects of the industry from architecture, design, living spaces, and the rental market to property management, a passion was ignited that has only grown stronger through the years.

After travelling as much of the globe as possible, Placencia village is the only place that feels like home for me. From the friendly people, great food, to the amazing scenery and the ‘island-style’ living, Placencia ticks all the boxes. Being able to run a business and contribute to the local village economy while still being able to get into the ocean for a dive or a snorkel during my working week is the work life balance that gives meaning to my life.

With IPG, my team and I take an honest, fresh approach to brokering property in Belize. We know that what we are selling is more than just a property, we are selling a lifestyle and forging professional relationships with our clients that often turn into long term friendships. Being able to help people make informed decisions and enjoy the experience of investing in our Caribbean paradise is the vision of IPG that I am proud to fulfil daily.

Anna Morpugo

Sales Agent

“13 years ago my husband and I sailed into Placencia from 15 years working in the Eastern Caribbean and around the world, and Immediately Found HOME. Belize, and in particular Placencia Peninsula ticked every box. Within a month we bought our first of 4 properties; and have run the gamut of renovating/building/selling/renting out short & long term real estate while also running the operations for a charter liveaboard sailing company and raising our family.

If you have questions about Living/Working/Building/ Adventuring in Belize, I’ve experienced the answers! I’m known for my honesty and candor; I became a realtor since we live here full time, we want Happy Neighbors! Belize isn’t perfect, nowhere is, and I want you to start your life here on the right foot with open eyes and appreciative perspective; not angry because someone made a quick buck by lying to you.

I switched to IPG because the team has the same work hard live happy ethic. We can sell all over Belize, working well with any company; so will be open minded about which properties are Best for YOU. I’ve been all over Coastal Highway 3 times this month alone; and today started with monkeys above, and ended with 4wd up a riverbank! What adventure will we go on together??”

Naomi Anderson

Realtor/Sales Agent

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” This has been the guiding principle throughout Naomi’s career.

Naomi is an enthusiastic, creative, and solution-oriented Belizean with an expansive background in banking and real estate, making her an expert on Belize as a destination for travel, living, and investing.

Naomi has a deep understanding of Belizean culture, history, business industries, and government. Naomi has built a professional network of bankers, attorneys, real estate brokers, architects, and contractors over her 16 years in banking and real estate, and she uses these relationships to the benefit and advantage of her clients.

Naomi’s passion and drive for service excellence led to a very successful banking career, during which time she became the youngest staff member to be awarded the post of Branch Manager for Scotiabank Belize Ltd. In this capacity, Naomi managed and grew client relationships in commercial and personal banking and honed her knowledge in areas such as business marketing and development, legal transactions, land valuations, and a wealth of other areas. When Naomi transitioned into real estate, she applied these skills to successfully accomplish her clients’ objectives in buying and selling real estate.

Naomi began her real estate career with Belize Sotheby’s, where she launched and managed their Placencia Village satellite office.Naomi quickly grew a solid portfolio of listings ranging from multi-million-dollar villas, private islands to cozy cottages, and she assisted clients with purchases including beachfront land, condos, and islands. As her clients would attest, each experience was positive, and she still maintains a friendly rapport with many of them who have become friends and neighbors.

As a Realtor with IPG Belize, Naomi is committed to continuing to provide the same exceptional experience to all her clients by leveraging her skills and expertise to create lasting value.

Pauline Linarez

Sales Agent

Coming from a tightly knit local family, Pauline has always displayed trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity instilled in her early childhood. Her ambitious nature has made her an exemplary leader and diligent contributor to whatever organization she has been employed at.

Her critical thinking and problem-solving abilities distinguish her and make her stand out as one of the leading negotiators and sales agents in her line of business. Always willing to go above and beyond to meet the delicate demands of her clientele, Ms. Linarez ensures her background preparation is meticulously undertaken to provide excellent services.

Her resourcefulness enables her to always offer the best options to her internal and external customers enabling them to perform above the required standards. Miss Linarez’s undeniable commitment, dedication, and service excellence to real estate make us proud to have her as one of our very own agents!!

Jaden Cabral

Intern Sales Agent

Greetings, I’m Jaden Cabral, a 19-year-old bringing a fresh perspective to real estate from the serene Placencia village. As your dedicated guide, I’m committed to making your journey in buying or selling a home an exciting adventure.

Joining forces with me means more than a transaction—it’s a commitment to a seamless, stress-free real estate experience. Backed by the global network of IPG, I bring a perfect blend of local expertise and international exposure to the table.

Born and raised in Placencia, I understand the local real estate landscape intimately. Beyond the transaction, I’m dedicated to finding a home that complements your lifestyle, whether it’s island living, mountain retreats, or a cozy urban nest.

I believe in open communication and transparency, ensuring your journey is guided with clear, honest advice tailored to your goals. With agility and dedication, I’m here to maximize opportunities and turn your real estate dreams into a rewarding reality.

Let’s embark on this exciting venture together. Whether you’re buying or selling, trust Jaden Cabral, your partner in finding home.

Christopher Lewis

Intern Sales Agent

Hello and welcome! I’m Christopher Lewis, an 18-year-old native of the enchanting Placencia Village, our real estate haven. Placencia isn’t just where I reside; it’s the heartbeat of my real estate dreams, and the canvas on which I’m excited to paint your homeownership aspirations.

Before immersing myself in the world of real estate, my journey led me through the intricacies of accounting and as the former president of my college, I cultivated leadership and skills with numbers that now fuel my commitment to excellence. This unique blend of experiences, coupled with owning and managing rental units, propels my passion for real estate.

 Placencia isn’t just a location for me; it’s my roots. Every street, every corner, and every home holds a special place in my heart. This profound connection motivates me to assist you in finding your perfect piece of paradise right here in Placencia.

I am honored to be a part of IPG, serving the community where I was born and raised. If you’re ready to embark on a real estate adventure or have questions about the local market, I’m here to be your trusted guide. Let’s shape your future, one dream home at a time.

Abner Lopez 

Intern Sales Agent

Abner hails from the picturesque village of Placencia, where he spent his entire life immersed in its vibrant culture and surroundings. His intimate familiarity with Placencia and neighboring areas has endowed him with extensive knowledge of the landscape and its many attractions.

Coming from a family deeply entrenched in the tourism industry, Abner inherited a natural disposition for exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills. His career journey, from serving in fine dining establishments to tending bar and later as a private butler, reflects his dedication to hospitality and client satisfaction.

Abner’s transition to leading tours at sea underscores his passion for tourism and exploration. His enthusiasm for the industry makes him a valuable resource for anyone seeking advice on leisure activities and places to discover.

Placencia isn’t just a location for Abner; it’s his foundation, ingrained in every aspect of his being. Thisconnection fuels his commitment to helping others find their own piece of paradise in Placencia.

As an intern Realtor with IPG Belize, Abner is dedicated to assisting clients in discovering homes that match their preferences and aspirations. Whether you’re buying or selling, Abner pledges to be your trusted partner in turning your dreams into a rewarding reality.

Bonifacio Chun

Office Admin/Property Management

A very warm welcome to you from the beautiful jewel of Belize. My name is Bonifacio Chun.  I was born and raised in the village of Maya Mopan located in the Stann Creek District. I am no stranger to the Placencia Peninsula, which I have been a part of for the past 19 years, working at various popular hotels/resorts and including the 6 years I have already gained working in the real estate industry, which is my number one passion.

I am proud to be a part of IPG Belize, the new real estate firm on the Placencia Peninsula, to add more experience and knowledge. My goal is to help our clients relocate to Belize with honest information and introduce them to the Belize lifestyle. If you are in any need of real estate needs, my email or number is only a message away, let me show you all the wonderful things Belize.

Maryellen Peters

Office Admin

“If you choose to do something for someone else, do it to the best of your ability and do it with LOVE!“

My name is Maryellen Peters.

I was born in the beautiful town of Punta Gorda, our southernmost district in Belize.

Up until I was 9 years old I was raised by my grandparents on an 80 acre farm raising cows, chickens, collecting eggs, exploring the pasture and swimming in creeks. I developed a love for nature and exploring. I was moved to Placencia at the age of 9 and lived on the beach where I would wake up every morning to go snorkeling. I would see beautiful fishes, rays, jelly fish and amazing coral. I love going to islands, snorkeling, fishing and enjoy being in the middle of nowhere yet everywhere at the same time. I’m an explorer and I am not afraid to try different things, go new places and be exotic.

This all come to play a huge role in why I wanted to join IPG. My mother, who I love adore and have always looked up to, works as a real estate agent on the peninsula. For 3 years now, I have witnessed first-hand all the bitter sweet moments, the smiles, the laughs and amazing friendships formed with clients and realized how much I wanted to be able to share that and be working in real estate helping others find their happiness and their HOME as well.

Here at IPG the workspace, the people, my bosses are all so lovely and even inside the office feels like home!

The adventures, the smiles, the EVERYTHING I will get to share and experience with my co-workers and their clients and sharing how it feels to be in that position of learning new things and doing spontaneous activities in our beautiful jewel Belize. From us making sure that you get exactly what you want and deserve in property, island, farms to seeing the joy on everyone’s faces when it becomes YOURS and you get that feeling of excitement and gratitude that the deal is done and you have now got your own piece of paradise in Belize.

I mean why not? It’s a Lifestyle!